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Townsmen - New Mobile Gaming Experience?


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Mr. Do It All

Oct 2, 2004, 3:58 AM

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Townsmen - New Mobile Gaming Experience? Can't Post

Townsmen for their civil engineering fix. Does Handy Games' little city builder even remotely capture the essence of the megalith Sim City? Or does it offer a nicely different experience? I'd say it's worth the download, but read IGN's review for more.

  • City building sim
  • Nine building types
  • Administer work forces
  • Manage resources
  • Save game feature

    Townsmen is one of those pleasant little surprises -- a just reward for any gamer that chooses to download an unknown brand. This game offers hours upon hours of game play for a very small price, as you take your quaint township to the big-time. Or at least as big-time as a single-screen game will allow.

    Don't let the real estate limitations of Townsmen fool you into thinking this is a simplified game -- a Sim City-lite. On the contrary, Townsmen is quite the complex game, and is probably made unnecessary complex by the absolute lack of in-game help. Sure, there's a tutorial in there, but there are plenty of nuances not covered in its briefness.

    The secret to success in Townsmen is properly allocating resources. And resources are more in-depth than just a few building types. There are nine different buildings essential to your town's survival, and you must know which ones to build first, and then build up to help sustain growth.

    For example, when you begin the game, you must feed your few citizens. You need a fishery to produce protein, but without the means of building said fishery, your folk will go hungry. So, you must first get your forestry business up and running so you can produce the necessary wood. However, you cannot just build these two buildings and expect a revolution. You must then allocate manpower to these "factories."

    There are other buildings that fit into the grand equation. A smithy produces tools (a valuable commodity), but the blacksmith cannot build tools out of the raw ore extracted from your mine. You'll need to erect a smeltery to refine the ore. A market serves as the economic hub of your town, where you can get more money to pay for goods and services. As in any city, everything is connected, and as long as you keep that in mind, you'll excel at Townsmen.

    Naturally, paradise is only temporary. You can expect disaster strike now and then. Hurricanes will ruin buildings, thieves will steal resources, plagues will rout manpower, and holidays will grind production to a halt.

    Townsmen, despite the baggage that comes with being a single-screen game, is actually quite pleasant to look at. The game is bright and colorful, and all of the town features are nicely detailed. When you have a bustling community, you'll be impressed with how HG was able to squeeze all of in one screen without causing confusion or losing charm.

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