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U of Montreal and Ubisoft Partner


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Mr. Do It All

Sep 24, 2005, 1:23 AM

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U of Montreal and Ubisoft Partner Can't Post

The Université de Montréal and Ubisoft announce that they have signed an agreement for the joint development of research and training projects in the field of game design.
Their primary collaboration will be on designing a graduate program to be offered on the Ubisoft Campus, which will include a range of research activities directly linked to game design.

Martin Tremblay, Managing Director of the Ubisoft Studio in Montreal and co-chair of the information technologies cluster at Montréal International, says that "This agreement with the Université de Montréal confirms Ubisoft's leadership role and reflects our strong desire to advance the entire video game development industry in Quebec by promoting innovative and accessible training in the field. This joint project, which makes the Ubisoft Campus available to students, means that many more young people will be able to benefit from top-notch training and aspire to a career in this leading-edge field."

bout game design

Video game design involves defining the parameters and design features of the universe the user enters through the gaming experience. The game designer sets the basic rules, helps write the screenplay, designs the main and secondary characters and determines their adventures by developing the narrative web of the game. The designer serves as the focal point for the many trades that have a hand in game production and ensures that the entire scenario comes to life.